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DSC_0024The Arbutus Victory Gardens are located along an old Canadian Pacific (CP) rail line that runs from Kitsilano through Kerrisdale and Marpole up to the Fraser River.

Due to an ongoing land battle of the Arbutus Corridor with the City of Vancouver, CP gave gardeners less than one month’s notice that all gardens and structures within 10 metres of the old rail bed were to have been removed by July 31st, 2014.  For the gardeners along the East Blvd. corridor, this means that most will lose at least half of their gardening space, including established fruit and berry trees and bushes, fences, compost bins, flower and vegetable beds, etc. The deadline also means that should the gardens be destroyed, gardeners will need to abandon many crops that are unfinished and still in the ground.

On August 17, 2014, Arbutus Victory gardeners sent a letter to the City of Vancouver requesting action by any legal means available to stop CP’s bulldozing of gardens and threatened spraying of herbicides. This letter is available at:

The City and CP are sitting down to begin talks again, and CP has agreed to suspend their work while talks are taking place. It is important that we continue our work, as CP has shown that it is willing to take drastic action at short notice. But the temporary respite is welcome.

AUG 27 Georgia Straight:

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AUG 22 Georgia Straight:

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(a shorter version of Tieleman’s piece is available at

AUG 18 CKNW – Arbutus corridor gardeners want city to stop CP Rail from spraying herbicides:

AUG 18 metro – CP Rail: Bulldozing children’s gardens and crushing dreams since 1881:


AUG 18 metro:

AUG 18 – Arbutus corridor gardeners want city to stop CP Rail bulldozers:

AUG 17 – LETTER TO CITY: In the wake of the destruction of gardens by CP Rail, the Arbutus Victory Gardeners have sent a letter to the City of Vancouver’s Mayor, Council, and Park Board demanding action. The letter is available at

AUG 15 – Letter from an ‘appalled and ashamed’ CP Rail stockholder:

AUG 14 – GARDENS DESTROYED!: CP Rail has started moving bulldozers in along the line, completely razing the gardens at 70th and SW Marine Dr. They have only removed gardens, not any other vegetation, stopping just short of the blackberry brambles that also extend along the track within the 10 m. zone.

Track clearing around 52nd and East Blvd.

Track clearing around 52nd and East Blvd.

We are appalled that CP would take this drastic and mean-spirited step merely as a negotiation stance.

This is a picture of a rock clearing machine CP has been running along the tracks. As of mid-August, this, the removal of some brambles, and the destruction of the gardens is the only visible work around the tracks.

Aug 16 CKNW Jill Bennett morning show interview with Cleta:

Aug 15 CBC Radio On the Coast interview with Ann (Aug. 15 edition, brief piece starting at 2 min 30 sec,  full story starting at 1 h 40 min ):

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Aug 15 The Province:

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Aug 14 MSN/CBC:

Bulldozers removed the gardens in Marpole but stopped immediately after and didn't continue to remove vegetation. They were only targeting the gardens.

Bulldozers removed the gardens in Marpole but stopped immediately after and didn’t continue to remove vegetation. They were only targeting the gardens.

Aug 14 Vancouver Courier:
Aug 14 News 1130:
EVENT: Gardeners hosted a community garden party on Thursday, July 31st.Several dozen gardeners showed up to share food, stories, and gardening tips. Members of the community joined in as well. It was a very successful event, and we had lots of press in attendance so that our voices protesting the CP Rail development could be heard.

Here is some media coverage of the garden party:

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August 1: CBC – some coverage of our garden party, and information about CP’s plans, in video: and CP’s plans, as an article:

For more information and to take action, please click on the following links:

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Some printable posters to decorate your garden (any other ideas for posters? Send them our way!):

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